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How to Publish Your Kindle eBook

So, do you dream of one day writing a book and becoming a published author that gets admiration and fame? How many times have you written something amazing, and then have it gather digital dust on your hard drive? Virtually all authors want to write a book and get it published somewhere. But, unfortunately, getting […]

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Kindle Formatting The Easy Way

As a writer I’m sure you have heard how much you can earn from writing for the Kindle but one thing you might not appreciate is how important proper Kindle formatting is to your success. Were you aware how many Kindle books are given a negative review because of poor formatting? Lots of Kindle authors […]

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Write and Sell Kindle eBooks

Amazon Kindle is really popular at the moment but did you know you can make money by writing and selling your own Kindle e-books? Kindle ebooks are a simple way to make extra money, just upload your ebook, sit back and collect money automatically. You might think that ebooks don’t sell anywhere near as well […]

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